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Photos : Awesome! Feed the Animal


Sharing with one and another is usual. Feeding our pets or animals in the zoo is also usual. But this time I will show you an animal photo when a giraffe get a food from human with different way. The new entertainment park at Yongin, South Korea was being a place where two women feel new sensation in feeding a giraffe. Each of them bit a carrot, get a closer to a giraffe then this animal will take their carrot is like shown by a unique animal picture below.

Looks romantic, but feel tingling....

a unique animal photos
Source : Jawa Pos Newsletter April 4, 2010

This Luxurious Hummer is More Efficient than Hybrid Technology

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Hummer is one of Luxurious car and its model concept based on military vehicle design. Recently, Hummer also develop the hybrid model, a kind of green environmental car with low fuel consumption. Actualizing hybrid technology will really able to save more fuel energy. But, the question Is this hybrid technology will able to defeat this other kind of Hummer model? (watch the video below)

So, what kind of technology can defeat hybrid system for now on? The answer is came from a man named Jeremy Dean. He successfully realized his crazy idea to modify Hummer become a green environmentally car and no fuel needed. He remove its originally machine but this car able to resulting power up to 2 HP (horse power). Yes..it means, he just successfully replaced its machine with original horses (animal).

Two horses able to pulled this car but need a cabby to handle and control all horses to follow his instruction and carrying the passengers to their destination. If you looks the design, he moves the seat to top-front side area. This car has finished and already initiated to people around Central Park of New York city.

Creative ....!!!

So .. what is your opinion? Will you going to visit some place using this car?

Photos : She is Also Beautiful

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Yups.. of course, She looks beautiful even tough she just a robot (left side). A man named Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro from Osaka University has successfully made advanced creation, A Geminoid-F Robot that developed together with Robot producer, Kokoro. This humanoid robot was designed almost similar to body shape and face of a model at right side picture. This robot can mimic human behavior and equipped with 12 actuators.

geminoid-F robot
Source : Jawa Pos Newsletter April 4, 2010

Do You Know, Who is The Truly Cut Off Medusa's Head?

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In a month, I have watched two box office movies. First was Percy Jackson and The Olympus - The Lightning Thief and the second was Clash of The Titans. Both of them are taken from the mythological story of Greece's god, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. The movies tell about the journey of Son of gods who fight for goodness and justice in the world.

The Lightning Thief, director Chris Columbus. This movie tells about the journey of Percy Jackson, Son of Poseidon (God of Sea) who sets out on a quest in present-day America to rescue his mother, return Zeus' stolen lightning bolt and prevent a civil war from erupting among the gods.

While, Clash of Titans tells you about the story about Perseus, Son of Zeus. His quest to battle the Kraken monster in order to save the Princess Andromeda and Argos City.

Medusa in movie

The interesting one of both movies is Percy Jackson and Perseus have to fight Medusa (female with Snaked Hair) to defeat their enemy. Percy go to Medusa nest to get such a blue pearl and cut of her neck that really useful when he and his friends defeat a hydra monster. But Perseus need Medusa's head to defeat big monster Kraken trough her eyes.

According to both movies, I really confused and arise a question in my head about who is the truly cut of cut off Medusa's head? Is it possible Medusa life a twice? I don't know which one is true in this mythological story. But if you have any answer, please share here.

Movie Trailer - Fighting Medusa

Percy Jackson and The Olympians : The Lightning Thief

Perseus, Clash of The Titans

Which one are True?

Photos : Vladimir Lenin Monument


During the snowfall, Arkhangelsk citizens gathered at Vladimir Lenin Monument, Rusia

lenin monument

Source : Jawa Pos Newspaper (2010/03/29)

Photos : Scooter With Swarovski Body Layer

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There're some products that have exhibited with Swarovski crystal layer. This time, turn of motorcycle products made by the manufacturer Kymco from Japan. This motorcycle is a type of scooter its name known as Scooter Mitch. It looks so beautiful and got many people's attention when exhibited at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show (3 / 28). According to news sources, many collectors fall in love with this product. Old but cool.

kymco scuter swarovski

Source : Jawa Pos Newspaper (2010/03/29)

Photos : The Scenery of Old Dam in Indonesia


Jatiluhur dam have been known as hydroelectric power generation located at Purwakarta on West Java, Indonesia. Today, this dam filled with full of water above the normal level because of high rainfall around the location. The scenery photo below was taken from one point of view.

waduk jatiluhur

Source : Media Indonesia Newspaper March 25, 2010